NU Way Cleaners - Tossed my dry cleaning out

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One bad apple ruins the basket. Had been a loyal customer for over ten years. Moved out of town and took an unusually long time to come back and pick up some shirts. Rich Bayliss tossed my shirts without so much as a courtesy call!

Rich has the right to toss an order left beyond a reasonable time frame.

But not so much as a courtesy call? Well, this is one time when

being right isn't always the "right" thing to do.

Nice way to reward customer loyalty Rich...

Shirts tossed in the trash... $300

Destroying the concept of customer loyalty... priceless

Happy Holidays to you to Rich, you're welcome for ten years of loyal business.


Monetary Loss: $300.


Miami, Florida, United States #579332

goods left over 30 days get thrown out or donated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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